Fourth reference group meeting held

The fourth reference group meeting was held on 2nd March is Worcester. The meeting was well attended by representatives from the B municipalities and provincial government departments including Human Settlements and Agriculture. Mr Claude Schroeder, Executive Director of  Community Development and Planning Services in the  CWDM welcomed officials from the Tirelo Bosha Public Service Improvement Facility administered by the Department of Public Service and Administration who have oversight of the project. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform also sent an official to attend the meeting for the first time, which was a welcome development, particularly given the concerns raised throughout the research and social dialogue process about inadequate attention paid by the Department to its core mandate regarding tenure security.

After getting off to a late start due to traffic chaos on the N2 outbound from Cape Town Dr Rick de Satge from Phuhlisani provided an overview of the process to date and an update progress since the last reference group meeting in August 2015.

His presentation:

  • refreshed the overall objectives of the research led social dialogue and strategy development process
  • highlighted some of the key issues emerging from the literature review
  • identified key trends with regard to migration and demographic shifts in the CWDM drawing on the Masters mini thesis of Chris Cronje whose research was aligned with broader CWDM enquiry as part of the partnership with CRUISE at the University of Stellenbosch
  • pulled out some of the main findings from the research in the five B municipalities
  • reported on stakeholder report backs, the learning journey and the social platform event
  • highlighted issues emerging from a tour of farm hostels organised for Phuhlisani by the Kouebokkeveld Opleiding Sentrum in Op die Berg
  • reported on the stats monitoring visits and downloads from the website/blog in 2015

Mr Woodman spoke about the upcoming interns training programme on research methods, ethics and tools which would be run during March 2016

It was noted that we were now in the final strategy development phase and that there would be report back sessions for different actor groupings towards the end of April and early May. These would enable commentary on the strategy which would be handed over along with all the project documentation at the end of June 2016.

The presentation can be accessed here or through the project Trello board.

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