Phuhlisani NPC research reports and draft strategy on farm worker housing and tenure security now available for public comment

The Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM) partnered with Phuhlisani NPC to develop a research led process of social dialogue, policy and strategy development for the long-term settlement of farm workers on and off farms. This study has been supported by the Tirelo Bosha Public Service Improvement Facility administered by the Department of Public Services and Administration (DPSA) with support from Belgian Technical Co-operation (BTC).

The design of the study was guided by a reference group which combined key actors from the relevant provincial departments (Human Settlements and Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) together with representatives from the district and five local municipalities[making up the CWDM. The reference group also included non-state actors from leading Western Cape universities

Phuhlisani has now completed three reports which are available for public comment

The three reports are:

A summary of key research findings and elements of a strategy


This report  presents and analyses key issues arising from extensive interviews conducted with workers on and off farm, individual employers, representatives of organised agriculture, trade unions, NGOs, worker support organisations, municipal councillors and officials together with representatives from provincial government departments.  It sets out options for a strategy to address farm worker housing , tenure security issues and related needs.

A supplementary report  which provides the detailed results from the more than 220 interviews. This provides the evidence for summary report above.

Detailed report

The literature review which examines changing policies and practices relating to farm worker housing, tenure security and access to services over three decades:  1985 – 2015

Literature review


The links take you to documents stored  on Google Drive which you can view and comment on online.

You can also download the draft reports in PDF format from the Winleand farm workers document repository by clicking on the links below.

Summary report and strategy

Detailed report of research findings

Literature review

Please send comments and feedback here 

Comments close on 31st July 2016.

Background report on the five case study areas

A desktop study which was prepared to help frame the research enquiry is now also available from the repository.

Case report

You can download this report here

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