Farm worker issues raised at CWDM District Co-ordinating Forum

The Cape Winelands District Co-ordinating Forum brings together Executive Mayors, Municipal Managers and Councillors from the five B municipalities. The Forum provides a space for the presentation and discussion of key issues and economic trends of relevance to the development of municipal plans and strategies.

Phuhlisani NPC reported on the research and strategy development process relating to farm worker housing, access to services and tenure security and made the case for the inclusion of a chapter addressing a range of issues relevant to farm worker issues in the fourth generation municipal IDPs.

The proposals for issues to be addressed in the  IDP include:

  • Minimum standards for worker housing and access to services on farms
  • Minimum standards for hostels which accommodate seasonal workers
  • Provision of subsidies and incentives to farm owners to improve housing and service standards on farms
  • Rates review
  • Measures to communicate worker and employer rights and duties in relation to labour and tenure legislation through joint programmes with other spheres of government, organised agriculture and civil society organisations
  • Measures to monitor legislative compliance and speedily address breaches
  • Digital apps for 2 way free communication
  • Improved access to health, social services and transport for farm workers
  • Measures to improve security of tenure, evictions monitoring and provide access to alternative dispute resolution services
  • Co-ordinated policies and strategies for provision of emergency housing for evicted and displaced workers
  • Strategies for registering farm workers on the Housing Demand Data Base
  • Measures to integrate farm workers into off-farm housing developments
  • Requirements for piloting the establishment of off-farm hamlets and peri-urban settlements for workers involving public- private partnerships.

The presentation can be downloaded from the project document repository.

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