This site provides information about the research, social dialogue and strategy development process facilitated by Phuhlisani in partnership with the Cape Winelands District Municipality to improve secure farm worker access to housing and services on and off farm.


The site combines a wide range of elements including:

  • extracts from the proposal
  • the literature review,
  • links to other research studies,
  • research findings from the five case study areas,
  • voices and viewpoints emerging from key informant interviews,
  • a record of the social platform conversation,
  • a diary of the learning journey which will explore issues on the ground,
  • the joint development of the broader strategy,
  • emerging policy recommendations.

Site content is managed by Phuhlisani. We seek to provide a space to present different perspectives and viewpoints on what are complex and often contested issues, in order to open and deepen the conversation. Phuhlisani regards this diversity of views as a necessary basis for finding workable solutions.

The website will reflect and augment processes on the ground in our attempt to:

  • establish trusted platforms for frank social dialogue to generate and integrate diverse perspectives on key issues in the agricultural sector and their impact on farm workers and dwellers;
  • mediate contested understandings of the factors driving changing agricultural labour and housing practices
  • facilitate the development of adaptive policies, practical and feasible strategies to address the housing, service and tenure security needs and rights of farm workers on and off farms.


The views and content  which appears on the site do not represent official policy of the Cape Winelands District, or of any of the five constituent local municipalities of Stellenbosch, Drakenstein, Langeberg, Breede Valley and Witzenberg.

All comments on the website will be moderated prior to publication.

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